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 (Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development)


CIKOD is a non-governmental organization based in Ghana working to build resilient communities in the Upper West Region and championing development through endogenous approach.
It is registered in Ghana under the Companies Code in 2003.
Their office is located in Accra

Their Development Philosophy

Moving from Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) engendered the re-alignment of development strategies. With an increase emphasis on climate change and a recognition for indigenous  knowledge,  resilience,  and   people’s  culture,  CIKOD has chosen to focus on the principle of endogenous development in all its development interventions.
CIKOD is a strong advocate of indigenous seed and food sovereignty. All these approaches are in tandem with the SDGs


Some of their programms

Strengthening Resilience Through Improving Access To Water In The Regions Of Eastern Burkina Faso And Northern Ghana
This project was executed from November 2016  to April 2019 by Center of Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (CIKOD) to complement the “Eco-Agriculture in the African Sahel” (EAS) project that was being executed in a total of 8 communities in the Lawra and Nandom districts at that time. The project sought to address a crucial gap in strengthening the resilience of chronically vulnerable communities in Eastern Burkina Faso and Upper West Ghana, created by a lack of access to water for consumption and production.

Pamobarma – Project To Support Livestock Mobility For Better Access To Resources And Markets In West Africa
Regional Dialogue and Investment Project for Pastoralism and Transhumance in the Sahel and coastal countries of West Africa (PREDIP)
The global objective of the action is to protect the mobility of herds and their access to pastoral resources and markets.

Wash For Public Health
The WASH4PH (Water, Sanitation And Hygiene For Public Health) programme, sought to improve health outcomes (including maternal, newborn and child health) of boys, girls, women and men in Ghana’s Upper East Region, with a specific focus on Bongo and Kassena Nankana West Districts.
The purpose was to improve WASH service delivery in schools, health facilities, and communities, in both small towns and rural areas in the Bongo and Kassena Nankana West districts of the Upper East Region of Ghana.


To see a set of videos filmed by CIKOD about agroecology developed in Ghana :


Bern Guri, founder and executive director and the Africa Food Sovereignty Alliance coordinator.
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Wilberforce Laate,  deputy executive director (southern ghana)
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CIKOD (Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development)
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