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Millar Institute for Transdisciplinary and Development Studies


Millar Institute is an open university that promotes practice-oriented education and training ;
teaching, learning and research based on endogenous development for the equitable and sustainable development of a people.
A university that promotes teaching based on the cultural transformation of disadvantaged communities and whishes generate African solutions to African challenges.
Millar Institute is based in Bolgatanga (Upper East Region of Ghana)

Vision of MITDS

To be an internationally recognised University of Excellence for the promotion of culturally sound scholarships.

 Their motto
« Finding African Solutions to African Challenges »

« We are convinced that Africans can, and indeed should, resolve our own problems by responding to our own challenges. MITDS has positioned itself to contribute towards solving these challenges. Hence Pan Africanism is a critical part of our scholarship. We are determined to inculcate in every student that passes through MITDS a unique identity referred to as the “African Personality”. »


Studies – Training

The idea is to diversify and widen the academic offerings in MITDS whiles maintaining the integrity and rigor required in academia. This is engendered by the concept of Open University Systems.
A special feature of the studies is that all certificates include participation in field immersion programs.
They offer :
–  Master of Philosophy – Culture and development Studies
–  Doctor of Philosophy – Culture and development Studies

Research and development projects

The under listed research and development Projects of MITDS are at various levels of development. Some are at implementation and others exist as concepts.

These Projects involve Communities with faculty, students, NGOs, GO, Research, Donors and other collaborators.

–  Groundnut Production under Irrigation.- The use of Groundnut husks/ shells (coques d’arachides) for Organic Fertilizer.
– Using Grasses for Briquettes Production (Bio-Char Project).
–  Organic Cotton Production.
–  Ranching (élevage) for Meat Production

See 2 FAO articles from 2023. One in English and the same in French, in PDF :
–  Innovative grass charcoal fuels opportunity in Ghana
Savannah grass can be used to fuel stoves thanks to a new charcoal production method
An initiative by the Millar Institute for Transdisciplinary and Development Studies (MITDS)
–  Le charbon d’herbes, une innovation prometteuse au Ghana
Désormais, les herbes des savanes peuvent être utilisées comme combustible pour alimenter les fourneaux, grâce à une nouvelle méthode de production de charbon.
Une initiative du Millar Institute for Transdisciplinary and Development Studies (MITDS


Millar Institute for Transdisciplinary and Development Studies (MITDS)
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, directeur
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