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Seed and local Food Festivals

With CIKOD (Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development)
CIKOD is a non-governmental organization based in Ghana working to build resilient communities in the Upper West Region and championing development through endogenous approach.

Annual peasant seed festival in Tanchara

“Whoever controls seeds, controls the food system”
In Tanchara in the Upper West Region of Ghana  women farmers bring, exhibit and exchange their peasant seeds, highlighting their importance for the food and nutritional security of local populations
Visits to exchange local seeds are made between different Regions like the women of Forikrom (Brong Ahafo Region) who came to Tanchara
So In december 2022, CIKOD brought together people from the Tanchara and Forikrom community to cross share knowledge and seeds as part of the Revitalisation of Cultural Heritage Expressions of Communities Project

Food fairs to revive local food and improve nutrition

Food fairs were held in Kalbeo (Upper East Region) and Lawra District where women farmers display traditional crops and foods, highlighting their importance for the food and nutritional security of local populations
These fairs helped ensure better knowledge and consideration of traditional food products, as well as agro-ecology in national food security policies and programs.
As part of the Food Systems Caravan West Africa Project, a woman from Kalbeo village explains how to cook traditional Tized


CIKOD organized a traditional food fair in June 2011 in Lawra district.
More than three hundred women farmers led by their traditional female leaders and hundreds of men and children from Lawra and Nandom areas participated in this exhibition of local foods and seeds.
This was followed by an official tasting session of more than 50 traditional foods by the dignitaries and the general public.
Soon after, traditional women leaders decided to organize similar fairs in Ko and Tanchara districts.
Voir :
–  Ghana : Food fairs revive local food and nutrition (English article)
–  Ghana : Les foires alimentaires pour relancer l’alimentation locale et améliorer la nutrition. (Article en français)
de Bern Guri, Directeur de CIKOD et le coordinateur de l’Africa Food Sovereignty Alliance et Patricia Dianon  qui travaille pour la RUWFAG (the Rural Women Farmers Association of Ghana)


Bern Guri
Director of CIKOD, and Chair of the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa,.
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Patricia Dianon is
a farmer, and a leader of the RUWFAG (Rural Women Farmers Association of Ghana).
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